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1-Minute a Day for the Rebbe

Yud Shevat is upon us. One very specific and arguably most important directive of the Rebbe becomes incredibly easy to follow thanks to a new email and whatsapp broadcast.

We live in dark and confusing times. The world around us seems to be spiraling ever deeper into chaos, and while the personal cry of “ad mosai” sounds out stronger than ever, how are we turning that into concrete action? We all desperately want Moshiach – that much is obvious – but as we come upon Yud Shvat, the question we need to ask ourselves is what are we doing about it?

Shloshim for Rabbi Menachem Blau

An event marking the Shloshim of Rabbi Menachem Meir Blau obm, a passionate Chossid who dedicated his life to sharing the Rebbe’s messages with the world, will take place Tuesday in Crown Heights.

The event will highlight a special glimpse into his underground post-Entebbe work following the Rebbe’s shturem on the issue. His sons will share thoughts alongside reflections & Divrei Chizzuk from friends and Mashpiim.