Mission Statement for the 7th Generation

The final period of Golus is called: ”Ikvisa DiMishicha” when we experience signs indicating that we are in the stage of the “footsteps of Moshiach”… Today, we are already in the ‘final phase’ of the “footsteps” stage.

The mission of the 7th generation is to complete the process, by drawing down the complete Shechina, enabling it to reside within our world. this is accomplished by taking our passion for materialism -which we all possess- and channeling it, becoming ‘passionate’ about all aspects of G-dliness & Geulah.

Our Rebbe who descends from the house of Dovid Hamelech and witnesses our pain, “bearing our suffering”, was “pierced for our transgressions”, and “crushed for our iniquities”; will surely also lead his ‘flock’ to the Geulah, redeeming us from our spiritual and physical exile, and connect us with the essence of Hashem.
But now it’s up to us -the 7th generation – to bring this about; may we merit to see the Rebbe within the physical existence of this world! and he will redeem us!