The summer is ‘Prime Time’  for adding efforts that will hasten the Geulah!

Coming from the special day of 3 Tammuz, the calling for each one of us, is to add more strength in our efforts of spreading Torah, Yiddishkeit & the wellsprings of Chassidus. The summer is a time when all kids go off to camp, it is therefore incumbent upon all of us, to ensure that all Jewish children are attending a camp built with the goal of providing a proper Jewish education. Additionally, it is incumbent upon those involved in ‘Chinuch’, to ensure that each moment of the summer is utilized to its maximum, infusing life and joy in ‘all things Jewish’.

We must recognize that the world around us is eager to help bring forward the growth of the Geulah. And we must pursue these activities,  in a hastily manner without delay! These activities, will surely usher in the time when “King Moshiach” will sacrifice the 10th red heifer… speedily in our times Amen!