Rabbi Menachem Meir Blau was a passionate Lubavitcher chossid devoted to the Rebbe and his instructions. He invested himself for nearly 50 years in spreading the Rebbe’s teachings within and beyond Lubavitch. In recent years, he said selected excerpts from the Rebbe on inyonei moshiach ugeulah connected to the specific time. He hardly missed a day of sharing these messages in 770 to inspire others to await for and take action to bring Moshiach. He yearned for and lived to bring Moshiach every day. Read more »

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In his memory, the family started a daily Whatsapp Broadcast group focused on bringing Moshiach.  The daily messages are the Rebbe’s exact words on bringing Moshiach as compiled by their father, relating to the specific time of year.

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