Chassidishe Gashmius

Action is what’s most important! We ought to use out these auspicious days of Tes and Yud Kislev, which the number ten is always holy, to hasten the Geulah, that it should become a reality. Especially, in adding in giving Tzedakah, because there is no better way to hasten the Geulah!

In simple words, this means practically, since everything is ready for the Geulah we need to just reveal it. First and foremost by that which is relevant today, on the birthday and Yartzeit of the Mitteler Rebbe, adding and learning his Torah, which is in the full length and breadth of understanding. This learning should be relevant to every Yid, men and women alike, as mentioned a number of times, that spreading Chassidus is relevant to women and girls as well.

Learning is great because it brings to action! Everyone should make an effort to express their Ruchnius and Chassidishkeit in their Gashmius. This means that in all of their physical behaviors, in physical time and place, should be felt the warmth and energy that flows from Yiddishkeit to Chassidishkeit, to the extent that there should be no separation to them at all, until they fuse and become one.

In addition to this, everyone should see to it to arrange a Farbrengen in every single place, beginning with the Chag HaGeulah of Yud Kislev. During the Farbrengen they should learn some of the Torah of the Mitteler Rebbe and to take upon good Hachlatos, especially learning Inyonei Geulah and Moshiach to prepare oneself and those around them for the Geulah Shleima. May it be Hashem’s will, that from all of the above, immediately we should have the revelation of the Geulah!