Overlook our faults

In the Selichos of Asara B’teves, we say “G-d, redeem the Jews from all their troubles,” and only then do we say “and He will redeem the Jews from all their sins.” This is not the the original order of the Pesukim in Tehilim, but we are asking Hashem, and we are sure that he will hear our Tefilos, to first and foremost redeem us from our troubles, by taking us out of Galus. He should do so before we do Teshuva, and our sins should not prevent the Geula. Even if someone is not worthy, Hashem should redeem them from Galus, and overlook any faults, and only after redeeming us from our troubles , should He redeem us from our sins. Especially now, once Yidden actually already did Teshuva, Hashem should redeem us from our troubles, immediately!

May this be the last fast in Galus- may we know no more pain!