Buy more books!

We are still within three days of Hei Teves, the day that the Seforim and writings of our Rebbeim were “redeemed from their captivity.” This was in full agreement and support of the legal system, when the nations of the world, in federal court, delivered the verdict that the Seforim belong to the Chassidim. However, there are still more writings and manuscripts of the Rebbeim in captivity in Russia, and they were not returned to their rightful owners. What could we do to to jumpstart the return of those Seforim? The answer is simple. Through every single person purchasing Seforim, expanding their library with holy books, and even giving books to children, to increase in learning Torah. Doing this will cause the Seforim to be returned , and we will witness both the redemption of the Seforim, as well as the redemption of all Yidden from Galus.