Confidence in our Yiddishkeit!

This week’s parsha opens with Yehuda approaching Yosef, “Vayigash Eilav Yehudah.” Yehudah, though he was an immigrant in Egypt, stood confidently before the Egyptian ruler, and he approached Yosef with strength and conviction. There were many generations where Yidden did not have the ability to assert themselves in this manner, when the nations of the world enacted decrees against them, and did not allow them to stand strong in what they believed in. However, in our day and age, Yidden have the freedom to express themselves in any manner they so wish. In this climate, Yidden ought to stand tall and proud in all matters pertaining to Yiddishkeit. Learning from Yehuda’s strength in approaching Yosef, we must be strong in our Yiddishkeit, with the conviction that the world was created for the Yidden. This will bring about the fulfillment of the promise that “My servant David will be a leader for them forever.”


In matters of Yiddishkeit, we should stand tall and proud!