“Powerful cue from the Frierdiker Rebbe’s 3 Tammuz oration!”

When the Frierdiker Rebbe was released from exile on the 3rd of Tammuz (5687), he delivered a passionate speech in which he declared “it is not by our own will, that we have been exiled, neither is it due to our own power and merits that we will be released! It is rather our Father, our King, who has exiled us, and it is the Almighty One, blessed be He, who will redeem us”!

Reflecting on this statement, we may learn a very empowering message: since “it is not due to our merits that we will be released”, rather it is all orchestrated by the will of our Father in heaven, we can deduce that Moshiach is destined to arrive despite my personal inadequacy that requires amendment.

It is therefore clear: whilst each one of us must continue to expand our efforts in spreading Torah and Judaism, we must not feel weakened in our request and demand for the Geulah now and our outcry of “Ad Mosai”?!

And may it be Hashem’s will; from the mere discussion of the Geulah, we shall merit to celebrate 12-13 Tammuz with the Rebbe—Neshama B’guf!