“The time is ‘ripe’ for Moshiach, even though I may be just beginning in my personal life!”

Our ‘Nasi Hador’ attested that all areas of work have been completed making the world ready for redemption, this includes even the ‘polishing of the buttons’ (finishing touches)! Today we stand ready to welcome Moshiach.

One may question “When I reflect on my personal level, I know there remains much to be desired and rectified, how can the world around me really be ready to welcome Moshiach?!”

The answer is that while it’s true that each person must continue to repair their ‘personal’ actions, this does not contradict the Rebbe’s testament, that on a ‘universal’ level, throughout the generations, all work has been completed! There remains no obstacle withholding Moshiach’s arrival.
We therefore must ready ourselves to ‘Welcome Moshiach’ today!